• Erin Reese

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 has been an adventure for me to say the least. There are definite moments which are used to refine me through flames, and other times where I have been able to pause and repair. Whilst the world is preparing to bring in the new year with friends surrounding them, it gives me time to rest for a moment and reflect on what 2016 had meant for me.

2016 was a big year!

- I became an aunty to my sisters baby girl

- I spent time with my in-laws from interstate

- I've had to support my partner through a career change after 15 years

- I've had a preschool graduation

- I've become a full time sole trader

- I've learnt a whole lot about hearing and hearing aids

- I've grieved and celebrated the lives of people very close to me who have left this Earth

- I've been stretched and my patience tested being a mum and a partner

- I've said goodbye to things I felt were safe and hello to new things that I'm not sure of

- I've reconnected with people who lift me up and met new beautiful people

- I've supported, cried with, laughed, planned, partied, celebrated, grieved, healed, helped and restored others

This new year coming is the year of building and enhancing my self and business.

I'll have a kid in primary school and be a school mum!!

I'll be working solidly on building and flourishing in my business with conferences in May and June and my fertility massage course in July with Clare Blake!

On a personal note, I'll be working on my health and fitness, through a change in my diet, exercise and self care activities (Even the massage therapist needs massages!) and I will be finishing up with my psychologist as I've graduated from her care (woohoo!)

Reflecting on this year has given me a chance to realize that as we're so focused on putting one foot in front of the other to get through the rough patches and the challenges, we often fail to see the good times for what they are. This isn't inherently bad, as its through self preservation mostly that we don these mindsets, however there is room for improvement.

One thing that has stood out to me, regardless of my focused mindset was my thankfulness.

My gratitude for those that have supported me this year known no bounds! I have been shown loyalty, friendship and kindness immensely this year. I am honoured that there are people in my life that trust me with their health and allow me the privilege of guiding, nurturing & enhancing their bodies wellness through my hands.

Happy New Year!

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