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What does this new year hold for you?

What does this year hold for you?

This question, I ask myself with every new year that rolls in, and the following question of how can I prepare myself for what is to come for this year.

To be honest, the answers never come immediately or easily, however when I do allow the time and space to reflect and listen to what my inner self is asking of me, as well as being open to hearing the need of the universe, answers do arise.

Preparing oneself for the relative unknown is a tough chore for me, as I do like the aspect of control and being organised. By opening myself up to LISTEN to what is being asked of me, and knowing what I need, I find it helps set myself up for the endlessly different outcomes that can arise in the space of a year.

Resting on my belief in what I can offer to others and what I can give to the universe gives me a sense of peace, knowing that I am in a place where I need to be. It has always served me well, and has given me the opportunities to enhance my knowledge and life beyond description. Hence my current mantra;

Opportunities arise, doors and windows open to possibility and logistics can be sorted. Above all else though, when we stop to hear what is needed of us, and what our inner-being desires, we can often be surprised at how much we can achieve in the year.

So I ask of you, What does this new year hold for you?

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