• Erin Reese


Lunches packed.... Uniforms Ironed...

School Bags packed....

Shoes tied...

Shirts tucked....

Dropped the kids off....


Begin the school term with maintaining and bettering your health by giving your body and mind an hour (or an hour and a half) to rest, rejuvenate and recover.

SCHOOLS BACK!! Time to rejoice, or grumble, depending on how you look at it and at what stage you're in.

Tweens and teenagers; Hang in there. Give yourself a break every now and again and dedicate time for health. Be kind to yourself.

Parents of school ages children;

6 hours a day without the constant questioning and figuring out how to entertain the fruits of your loins. Many squeexze paid work, housework, errands, socialising and appointments in this time. I put it to you, out of those 30 hours a week, that is child- free, can you spare an hour for you, every month, if not weekly?


Schools back, which means more cars on the roas at peak time, longer car trips and increasing levels of stress. Try to be patient, we've all been there as students, are there with children or will be there one day.

Teachers; your after school massage appointment awaits you.

Much love


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