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Merry Christmas to you all!

The festive season is already in full swing for some, and others, is just about to arrive. Here are a few last minute ideas to get you, and your loved ones, through the festive season.

1) CHRISTMAS is about GIVING, not receiving. I know this may come as a shock to some, but as adults, this period is about giving our love, time, attention and even the odd gift or two to those we love.

2) RUSHING around the shopping centre and stressing about what to get Great Aunt Bev and Uncle Mo, realising that you havenn't seen or spoken to these people since last christmas is not ideal.

By all means, if you want to honour Great Aunt Bev with another hanky or Uncle Mo with another 3-pack complilation cd set of swing music you found in the bargain bin, by all means.

However, if you are giving for the sake of making sure they are taken care of for another year with your gift, how about this idea instead:

Don't buy them anything, but yet, call them once a week/month and ask how they are, or arrange for a tea and scones date? Better still, how about a voucher for your TIME. Time to clean, organise, sit and chat, to build, change light bulbs, etc etc etc.

3) USE YOUR GIFTS AS GIFTS: We all have gifts. For some, its scrapbooking, others its organising, for some its car maintenance, and for myself, its massaging and listening. Dedicating your gift to another for a time can be the best gift you can give. 4) SOMETIMES the box is what will be treasured by the kids, not the toys! I'm a parent to 2 bositerious young boys who love everything construction and deconstruction and I can honestly say that having a BIG cardboard box full of ballons and wrapping paper balls was one of the best gifts given to my son when he was little.

5) EAT! The saying goes "Everything in moderation" which is mostly true, however, this Christmas, please, for the sake of everyone. EAT what you feel like and don't worry about scales, calories and nutrient content.

NB: Although, avoid your allergen foods! Nothing screams anti-christmas like the grab for the EPI-PEN to stave off anaphalaxis!

6) GO FOR A WALK with your family, pets, friends... whoever. INSTEAD of the post feast couch sit and sleep that most people I know do, how about at that time, taking the kids/pets/friends out for a walk around the block and enjoying the rest of your city rather than the usual chaos.

7) SLEEP IN- For some, like myself, this is just a pipe dream as kids become super-duper excited and not only are they a challenge to put to bed, but wake up BEOFRE the crack of dawn to see what Santa has brought. For these people, I say one thing - This too shall pass. ONE DAY we WILL get to SLEEP IN ON CHRISTMAS.... but alas. it may not be this year.

8) GIFT VOUCHERS ROCK! I would be waisting the oppourtunity if I didn't put the plug here to mention that a MASSAGE gift voucher is the perfect gift for just about everyone. Its the gift of health, well-being and "ME" time, which is a sanity saver. Massage gift vouchers are available through me. Just contact me to arrange.

9) DON'T forget to RECYCLE! Christmas wrapping paper, boxes, card, paper plates, glass and plastic bottle etc can ALL be recycled. Please do so. (and remember to keep them loose, rather than tied in a bag in your bin)

10) YOU are IMPORTANT TOO! Please don't forget you in all the chaos. Give yourself a break if you forgot Aunt Flo, the pudding fruit didn't stew long enough, if you ran out of gift tags and are writing directly on the wrapping paper.... NONE of this really matters.

11) CHRISTMAS is tough for SO many people. Be KIND, reach OUT, DONATE!

12) BE safe on the ROADS. If you are driving this season, STOP, REVIVE and SURVIVE. and please, DO NOT DRIVE if you are under any drug or alcohol influence. BE as merry as you like, however DO NOT DRIVE and keep yourself and your loved ones!

With that, I close off, saying that I hope you all have a superb Christmas and New Year. I will be open throughout this season (minus the public holidays) so you can book in the needed break you deserve.

Warmest Light

Healing Strokes Massage

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