Frequently Asked Questions

I've never had a massage before, what do I do?

Rest assured, you are in safe place. There are no special preparations you need to do before your massage, however it is recommended that you have eaten and are well hydrated throughout the day of your session. Don't worry if you haven't shaved your legs or come straight from your yoga session or ran from work. We have a "come as you are" mentality. 


When you first arrive, there will be a quick form to fill out, mainly pertaining to your contact information and some basic health questions. There is a toilet on site to ensure you remain comfortable. Water & tea are also available for you to help yourself to. 


Once that is done, Erin will bring you into the treatment rooms where she will have a chat with you to find out your expectations are and what your treatment goals are. This is also the time where your health information and your presenting issues are discussed so that the treatment can be catered to you. She will also explain to you of what the massage session will consist of. Feel free to use this time to let her know if there are any areas you don't want touched, or if you have a sensitivity to any oils. 

You will be instructed on how to lay on the table and what level of undress she would like you to be in and leave you to get ready in privacy. PLEASE feel free to dress down to your level of comfort. Underwear will remain on at all times, without exception. (Bra optional)

At any time during the massage, if the pressure is not to your liking, speak up. If you become uncomfortable with position or room temperature, please tell Erin so that she is able to quickly make adjustments to maintain an optimal treatment for you. 

At the end of the massage session, Erin will leave the room for you to dress and meet you at the reception desk. She will discuss when to return and you can rebook and finalise payment then. 

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